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A Wearable Psychotica

A Dutch virtual reality experience took a turn for the cerebral with their project ‘Labyrinth Psychotica’ which is a two part immersive art project comprised of a audio visual virtual reality narrative, as well as an actual labyrinth set up in a classroom and called a “Do-It-Yourself-Psychosis-Kit. The two parts play into the same story arc, a girl named Jamie is a patient at a mental health institute, and by seeing through Jamie’s eyes, the user is meant to grasp a deeper understanding of the effects of psychosis on the brain, and help doctors cure Jamie. The VR headset is outfitted with headphones and a front facing camera that allows the user to see a digitally integrated view of their actual surroundings along with the visions and hallucinations of the patient Jamie. Unlike the usual review of a VR experience, Labyrinth Psychosis seems to strike people in a more emotionally rooted place, pushing the bounds of what VR can communicate through simulated experience. To see a more in depth look at the project you can check out their site: Labyrinth Psychotica
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