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Beat Bearing

Who needs complex machines to make beats when it can be as simple as playing a game of Chinese Checkers? This great little invention makes the whole drum machine thing look drab and boring. Taking beats to a back-in-the-day approach Peter Bennet developed this analog interface as part of his PHD studies in Sonic Arts. Pretty clever machine; perfect for some friends, a few drinks, and a game of Twister. These kinds of homemade music devices are always amazing. However, the great thing about Bennet’s device is the simplicity of its use. This kind of interfaces should exist more in the design of electronics, slimmed down to the basic necessities and easy to use. If a 3 year old can’t figure it out immediately, then it’s too complicated. On the other other hand, this reminds us of Quintron’s more than amazing Drum Buddy, which was a little more complex, but much cooler looking than the Beat Bearing.

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