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Yeah, so it’s robotics week here in the Wormhole, deal with it. After seeing this BionicOpter there was one thing that had us really excited…dragonfly wing-packs. Can you imagine slipping into some elaborate Iron Man-like contraption with a pair of these wings on the back? Amazing. Sure, there’s plenty of R&D that still needs to be done, and there will most likely be a weight-limit… but Festo has invented a pretty cool toy right now. This BionicOpter has a 63cm wingspan and weights 175 grams. Which is pretty amazing considering the electronics inside that allow it to hit 900-1200 flaps a minute. So we’re basically talking four motors at each joint, independently controlling each joint and another nine servomotors (1whatever that means) all weighing in at 175 grams. Wow. Those are some tiny motors.

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