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Creating Art in VR

It comes as no surprise that we here at Pet Gorilla have a real crush on virtual reality. But a new program from Skillman & Hackett in SF is breaking down our preconceived ideas of where VR can go by introducing TiltBrush. Within an Oculus headset, the user is now able to create 3D art in a space someplace between an immersive MS Paint and CAD. This video highlights the range of brushes available, that include textures and treatments that can animate independently, illuminate and literally comes off the page right in front of your eyes. While the interface is deceivingly simple and chic, the abilities seem endless.The usual questions of light origin within 3D images is still in play here, as the space is immersive and more akin to a real tactile artistry, the brushes and effects are used in a way that allows light to come from the environment as well as from within the brush strokes. As far as hardware, an Oculus paired with a simple keyboard and mouse is all the user needs to get going, so go on Picasso!
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