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Foldable Tech

Using a mixture of projection mapping, tracking, and folding plate puzzle engineering, Paddle is a “deformable device” that allows for specific tasks to take shape in the users hand. With physical controls, like turning the device into a wheel to progress further in time, as with the weather preview shown in this video, or right to left, like the pages in an agenda, the user is prompted to turn pages, or fold the Paddle into a new shape to transfer between tasks, meanwhile remaining connected to a video call! In this prototype, an overhead projector, matched with markers allows the paddle to stay in sync, but the future of this item is in LED lights that illuminate from within the device.The makers, Raf Ramakers, are really on to something here, we’ve been fascinated before by the combination of virtual task and physical controls, but Paddle makes it seem that much more attainable with a fit in your pocket size device.
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