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Global Future 2045

We all loved the Matrix, even with Keanu Reeves playing the main role of Neo. However, it looks like Russian mogul, Dimitry Itskov, is taking the back-story to the film very literal. Itskov and the Global Future 2045 Congress has set out to create an entirely new world filled with nanorobots for humans and a giant shift of the entire social structure. Apparently even the Dali Lama agrees with this plan.

Is it just us, or does this sound absolutely insane?
We love the idea of looking toward the future and creating better societies, but this seems a little too much like playing god. The Global Future 2045 Congress is totally legitimate and you can check out their whole mission statement at: Global Future 2045. Right now they’re looking for support from the many other powerful countries and communities to make this thing happen. It seems like a great way to spend money, but hopefully they’ll find something good out of this.

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