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Hands Free Video Phone?

Here’s a look at the brilliant future of video phone technology; that is if you feel the need video chat while juggling (1ohhh the life of a busy clown is so complex). Japan’s NTT Docomo has been prototyping a video chat device that will allow users to talk with one another by creating a pair of glasses that act as a motion capture device. With an already created 3D model of a users face this device is able to real-time render a face and give people the feeling that they’re actually having a video conversation with a real person. Still plenty of development before this device makes sense, but as Google makes waves with their Glass project, good to know the Japanese are not far behind. Once we can get past the 3D modeling and actually have a real face, we may be talking… but first Ray Ban needs to have a look at the styling of these frames.

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