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Highdeas From Hi Fun

Ideas are plentiful, but before actually moving forward with an idea it should go through a rigorous approval process to eliminate any potential highdeas. Highdeas are ideas created in an altered state, which sound amazing at the time but after a night’s sleep sound just as good as dipping your 4 a.m. hamburger in a vat of nacho cheese. We love all ideas, including highdeas, just as much as the next guy, but sometimes a clear mind saves you from investing in Facebook. However, if you came to us with the idea of Bluetooth gloves, we would’ve seriously wondered what you’d been smoking. We always thought the reason people used Bluetooth was to be hands free, but these clever Italians from Hi-Fun have found a great gimmick in Bluetooth enabled gloves. Maybe they’ll be sweeping the slopes this winter in Switzerland with hundreds of snow bunnies speaking into their hands, and if so we can’t wait to see what Hi-Fun does with their next product.

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