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Instagram’s Aim At Polaroid

They call it the Instagram Socialmatic Project, and aside from some bad translation on the designer’s website it looks somewhat legit. The concept of a tangible camera that takes Instagram photos, uploads them, and can actually print them, seems like a bit of a stretch considering the thunderous past of Polaroid. However, it’s the dawn of a new day and we all want more power for the futurists. The Instagram Socialmatic a great idea and awesome design but all the information on this project makes it seem like a design student’s thesis. The only information outside of trendy blogs take you to ADR Studios, cleverly named after the designer behind the Socialmatic, Antonio De Rosa. A look at Antonio’s twitter feed reads even stranger, and ADR’s list of features are as vague as “Internal printer to make your Instagram photos real”. Did we mention that they sell Socialmatic t-shirts on ADR’s website? With Instagram selling to Facebook for $1 billion earlier this year, we’re beginning to think this is just a great designer who has a good idea, but Facebook isn’t going to spend the money to make something like this. That being said… bravo Antonio, if you need beta-testers for your first prototype, we’re the best in the business.

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