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Interactive Video Chatting

In collaboration with Campfire NYC, we developed a really amazing interactive campaign for a new television show. The concept was that the (1somewhat famous) main character would suddenly show up on Facebook and Twitter, dropping insights into his life and teasing the series premiere. Since this was a narrative television show with a fictitious main character that’s been a prominent part of pop-culture for the last 50 years, it had tremendous potential to reach a huge audience. We were brought in to develop the interactive side of this campaign, and build and application that would allow users to have a real video chat with the character. We worked with some speech recognition specialists and our UX/Development wizards came to create a demo for a video chat and phone call that would allow users to talk to the characters. Then we helped Campfire pitch the idea to the client with a quickly built demos, and had the client truly excited. The anticipation grew as the pitch and this video moved their way through the network execs and onto the show runners, until it reached one of the two principal actors on the show. Unfortunately, one of the main actors didn’t want to do any additional marketing work for the show and this project quickly slipped down the drain. So here it sits in the garage, another attempt to creative some amazing interactive storytelling that is here to inspire.
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