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Lana Wachowski’s Coming Out Speech

Lana Wachowski courageously gave a speech at the 2012 Human Rights Campaign Visibility Awards this last October. In case you weren’t aware, the Wachowskis (1Lana (1formerly Larry) and Andy Wachowski) are the brains behind for the superfan epic trilogy known as the Matrix. Their personal lives were quickly compromised as the popularity of the Matrix grew and Hollywood wanted to own their souls. The duo stuck to their guns and let their work do the talking. Of course their films after the Matrix were not short on gossip and speculation of creative clashes with Hollywood. With their recent film, Cloud Atlas, receiving rave reviews, Lana has stepped into the spotlight to talk about her transgender challenges and the support around her. With Lana’s transition from man to woman over the last 10 years many people have wanted to hear from her, and this powerful speech shows a courageous and strong person opening up and helping others feel like they can belong too.

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