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Napster: The Movie

With the giant failure that was 2012’s Airtime, it’s time Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker look for other ways to keep relevant. The next best thing must be in rehashing the atom bomb that they launched in the late 90s called Napster. Yeah, we all know what Napster did and most of us love it for the free-content and information revolution that it ignited, but the true test will be if a documentary is really necessary… and entertaining. “Downloaded” will debut at SXSW this coming March and is directed by Alex Winter, who also dropped out of the limelight after being a rather big actor in the late 80s. You might remember Alex Winter from his small role as Marko in “the Lost Boys”, but most of us remember him as the actor that played Bill (1opposite Keanu Reeeves) in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. I guess we know what Bill would think about free Metallica music…Most Excellent!!

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