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Ouya: A New Look At Gaming

Ouya is a great new Kickstarter project that brings the world of video gaming back to the people. This company has raised over $5m to develop and open console video game box that runs on the Android platform and supports developers and hackers to create games for everyone. It’s become fast news and with just 6 more days to go in their Kickstarter pledge, it looks like they’ll be taking one giant step forward for the people. With a goal to release the console in March of 2013, Ouya is breaking boundaries in the video game space. At one time simple hacker-made video games were stuck to live a boring life in PC land, maybe if they got lucky they could catch a break on Facebook, but now there’s a chance to play any game on your television. This open-source software package works of Android’s operating system, and thanks to designer, Yves Behar, it even looks cool Keep an eye out on this one, it’s sure to be an interesting change to the corporately controlled video game market.

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