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Pi In The Sky

Last month, on September 12th, artist ISHKAY created a wave of questions by taking to the air with art and listing out the Pi numbers. Because of the date of the air installation, people began to wonder about the meaning behind this installation and if it was a chemtrail. Oh the paranoia that objects in the air can breed. Airplanes flew over the Apple, Google and Facebook headquarters in the San Francisco/Silicon Valley area listing out the stream of numbers behind the never ending mathematic enigma that is Pi. The aerial installation was actually part of a bigger event happening in San Jose called Zero1 Biennial, an artistic exhibit running through December of this year with art by a diverse group of local, national, and international contemporary artists whose work aims to transform Silicon Valley into an epicenter for innovative art production and public experience. A wave of questions surrounded the number, and did what art should do…. make people question why they’re looking in the sky.

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