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Prosthetics And Art

Stripping out of your perceived normality to celebrate your beautiful freakishness… no better outlook on the world than something said as eloquently as Mat Fraser puts it. Fraser is a performance artist that embraces his birth deformities from his mother’s use of the controversial morning sickness pill Thalidomide in the late 50’s. In researching the art of prosthetics for the BBC, Fraser looks at how the technical side of these scientific limbs has changed how thousands of people live. However, it’s not just how they live but also how they look, and the art of what’s possible (1including a look at what Matthew Barney did with double-amputee Aimee Mullins in Cremaster 3). Now with insane advancements in prosthesis, even Fraser considers using the iLimb robotic hand. It’s a brilliant and beautiful world that we live in.

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