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Software Wars

Former Microsoft programmer and author of the 2009 book “After The Software Wars”, Keith Curtis is looking for your support and funding for a documentary film on the open source movement. Using Indigogo, Curtis has kicked off a funding campaign for his film. It’s an extremely interesting discussion, especially as we look at how fast technology can advance when we work together.
Software Wars’ Indigogo Campaign: HERE

Curtis’ sell: The average computer user is unaware there is a war for freedom going on that will determine the path of modern society. Software Wars is a movie about the battle for our right to share technology and ideas.This software will not be “owned” by corporations like Microsoft, Apple, and Google, who are mostly impeding technological progress. (1Google supports efforts such as Linux via Android, but their AI code in Google Now, language translation and driver-less cars are not built in an open way.)The software we need will be built by a global community, taking on problems too big for any one company or team to even understand. We should have been working together all along, but it is necessary now for the few big problems that remain.Greater use of free software and the ideas in this movie will lead to faster progress on the Linux desktop, improve the way children learn math, finally build computers that think, decode DNA, and more. The movie’s experts explain what is possible, and the audience decides what happens.

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