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StickNFind Loves RFID

File Under: What will they think of next. StickNFind is one of the many start-ups looking for a few thousand dollars in development money to get their latest product off the ground. This item locator cleverly embracing RFID and an accompanying mobile application is the perfect solution for the absent minded and chronic misplacer. Technically speaking it’s rather simple: stick one of the quarter shaped stickers on a product that you frequently misplace (1phone, keys, pets, mind, sense of humor), then use the radar type of application for your IOS or Android device to locate it. The StickNFind stickers each have their own replaceable battery and use Radio Frequency Identification chips (1RFID) to help locate the missing objects. Seems pretty gimmicky, right? Actually, not so much. The RFID technology is a great little area that we’re constantly trying to explore. This type of technology can open a number of doors in the worlds of gaming and interactivity with real world objects. So keep an eye on this space. It’s sure to be interesting as the technology grows.

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