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The 7 Year Old Developer

In recently talking to an interactive friend of ours, we’d both agreed that the rule of thumb for User-Interface design should be, “Can a 4 year-old make sense of it?”. The brilliance behind any great level of programming is its simplicity, as this video shows. 7 year-old Phillip demonstrates how he created his own video game using Scratch for the Rasberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi is an extremely small single-board computer developed in England by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. The goal behind the computer was to stimulate how kids interact with computers. With the boom in smart phones and mobile devices in 2009, the components to this little computer became easier to access and the group had their hands set on a new product. The foundations goal was to offer two versions, one priced at US$ 25 and another at US$ 35, and they started taking orders in February of this year.Scratch is the programming language that young Phillip used to write his simple little game. Just like the Raspberry Pi, Scratch was created to help young people better understand how to create their own interactive stories, animations, games, music, and art

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