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The Blue Ice Project

Swedish indie rockers The Shout Out Louds recently came up with an extremely clever way to market their fourth full length album and its first single, a 45 made out of ice. Since the impact of celebrity bloggers still holds tremendous weight in the music industry, labels are constantly looking for new ways to break through all the noise and get noticed. The Shout Out Louds are far from nobodys, but having played with various styles since 2003 they’re known for their creativity and originality. So bass player Ted Malmros came up with the idea of making a special ice cube tray that lies on a negative vinyl groove whilst freezing. A handful of these “blue ice trays” were sent out to key influencers and analog marketing magic was made. Sure, the ice record sounds like crap, but most folks are just trying to create awesome case films these days.
And the official music video, also directed by Ted Malmros:

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