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The Future is Supermorphic

Using a Microsoft Kinect and a network of moveable tiles, MIT’s Tangible Media Group have taken a step towards what they think is the future of media with the inFORM project. Rather than the nearly featureless devices we all carry around today like touchscreen tablets and mobile phones, the inFORM allows digital interaction to become entirely more tactile and responsive. Physically interacting with objects, other people, or unique 3D models becomes possible where before the tools created and used to interact on the platform have been 2D and flat. It’s only a matter of time before we’ll be able to turn on the TV or open the mail at home from anywhere, via video chat with your living room.The tech behind this project relies on the interplay between what is captured via the Kinect’s sensors, and the dynamic nature of a tiled display. The display becomes supermorphic, able to react and modify easily to whatever tools are needed. Simple tasks like lifting, shifting and moving any object set on the display, or interacting with another person on the other end of the call, develop a tactile characteristic which the folks at MIT believe has been lost of late, but is human nature after all.
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