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The Future Of Google Glass

With all the buzz around the Google Glass project, a few students at the Bezel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem came up with an interesting take on the future of our social networking. It’s a brave new world we’re stepping into, but will this world make it too easy for people to make decisions without thinking? Conceptually this is an interesting view of the future; let’s just hope life doesn’t imitate art in this situation. In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last few months, Google recently unveiled their latest project with a swarm of internet insanity. Project Glass aims to create a wearable computer, which may be available to the public in 2014. It’s a really inventive piece of hardware, but with how dependent we’ve become on technology, our vision of the future of Google Glass is a bunch of people bumping into each other, never looking where they’re going.

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