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The Newest Mini Computer

Not to be out done by the amazing advances in cheap and small computing that Raspberry Pi dropped on us last year (1which has not reached 1 million sold), Taiwanese processor manufacture VIA has unveiled its APC now ready for sale. APC stands for Android PC and is a very small computer that can handle a number of big computer tasks, or at least what users consider big computer tasks to be these days because of it’s internet focused computing and ability to play Angry Birds. The lowest model APC 8750 starts at $49 and comes with an 800mhz processor, 512mb of RAM, 2GB of memory and a 2D/3D graphics chard for a resolution of 720p. Other models go for a little more like the APC Paper, which comes with a clever cardboard paper case and somewhat better guts. All giving us amazing abilities to fit computers into small, small areas… And you thought the Mac Mini was small.
Check out Richard Brown, CPU Platform Sales and Marketing, VP of Marketing, at VIA Technologies discuss the launch of the initiative behind the APC in May of 2012 at the TED Shanghai.

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