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Uncanny Valleys

Ahh…CG humans and humanoid robots, do you think we talk about it too much in this Wormhole blog thing? Nah…no way, it’s pretty damn interesting… and in 30 years when you’re super creeped out by your robotic cab diver, remember us and how we warned you. There was a pretty amazing discussion earlier this month at the 2013 GPU Technology Conference detailing the advancements in CG skin with all its texture, light and bump mapping. The speaker, Nvidia’s Jen-Hsun Huang, perfectly explains the uncanny valley and demonstrates how their GTX Titan is helping get us closer to that edge of that valley. As with any kind of trailblazing, the biggest hill to climb is right before the summit. Advancements in graphics processing are moving faster than our feeble minds could imagine (1or process) and Huang’s discussion highlights this perfectly.

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