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Virtual Reality Gets More Human

VR tech company Leap Motion’s new advance towards more pragmatic, better yet organic, development in Virtual Reality was born recently in the form of a moderately priced mount that allows developers to easily house the Leap Motion sensor onto the front side of a VR headset, and seamlessly integrate human hand movements into the user interface of their VR experience. The video here explores how the Leap Motion sensor, when mounted on a headset, can anticipate human movement based on a rudimentary nodule system overlaid on top of the image of the user’s hands. Pushing through bubbles, helping glide through planes, all with the help of the infrared sensor that actually has a wider view than the VR user display itself. Effectively, it knows what the user is about to do, before they can see their own hands in the display. Leap Motion is making affordable bounds towards giving developers the tools they need to create VR experiences with more reality behind them, just about eliminating the need for that sought-after instantly intelligible user interface and allowing a user to keep the tools they already are so familiar with – their own two hands.
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