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Walk On The Moon With WebGL

We love exploring the unchartered territory of WebGL so much that we’re always looking for WebGL projects to develop. With the ability to reach video game quality rendering in a web browser experience, we love projects that can fully realize the benefits of WebGL. But as Tom Petty says, “waiting is the hardest part”. So we came up with a clever idea and immediately went into development. With this project, currently named Moonstroll, we’re developing a WebGL experience that will give everyone a chance to walk on the Moon – thanks to Google Moon data and an awesomely, designed space suit. In an homage to the Apollo 11 moon landing and the passing of moonwalker Neil Armstrong, we’re creating a great WebGL experiment. In using geographic and elevation data points from Google Moon and NASA, we can easily create the atmosphere of the moon. We’ve developed and rigged a space character that will give users various views as they walk across the surface of the Moon and post a flag. As with all of our R&D, we started with a mock up of the user experience to give us a guide to follow before getting into the details of programming. We still need a few more weeks of development to get this experience to a great point, but here’s a taste of how we’re getting there.
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