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Welding With Augmented Reality

One of the more realistically tangible uses of augmented reality can be recognized in the Mann Vis, an augmented reality welding helmet that uses HDR cameras to deliver an image to the end user. Sure, it’s still in prototype mode and the presenter (1who must be one of the 6 developers behind this) is demonstrating the helmet from his garage while elements of duct tape are clearly visible on helmet, but it’s great to see homemade uses of “digital glass”. Watch out Google Glass… because these guys have a set of complex algorithms that allow real-time processing of HDR videos at 120 frames per second — in stereoscopic 3D, no less. The process creates an effective contrast ratio of 100,000,000:1 which is far beyond natural human capability. This incredible contrast ratio is used in an augmented reality view to show the welder inhuman detail as they weld. Crazy how math can save eyes, right?

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