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What Is The Niantic Project?

John Hanke, the mind behind Earth View, which became Google Earth is up to something very clever. On November 1st Google began seeding videos for the Niantic Project, which seems to be some sort of a sophisticated alternate reality game using augmented reality. This initial trailer sets the table for what will unravel over the next few weeks. What the Niantic Project is promoting will yet to be seen, but Hanke’s most recent project was an Android app called Field Trip that is a virtual tour guide unlocking hidden secrets about the world around you. Could it be that, or is it something else? As Google invests more and more attention into augmented reality, it’s clear that this ARG will be a big case film into how we use devices to bring a hidden world to life. However, Hanke has discussed how smartphones are actually dividing us rather than bringing us together. So, could this be meant to bring a community together? Possibly promoting Google+? Gamers have already jumped into the project with a wiki page revealing as much information as they can gather.

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