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When RoButts Attack

Robotics (1or should we say Robuttocks) has made some major breakthroughs lately. In case you missed it, scientists in Japan have finally created a robotic butt that proves robots will one day be able to sit properly and react to a much needed spanking.

Isn’t it amazing when the blogosphere erupts with something as great as a robot butt that can react to feeling?

Actually, the best part to the wave of stories about the creepy robutt is that can lead to a whole new world you probably never knew existed. Seems that the folks behind this video at the University of Electro-Communications have been working on giving a robot all the skills it needs to be human. Sure, there’s plenty of science behind it, but really… what’s the purpose here? Apparently it’s goal is to dig deeper into the “uncanny valley” (1you should wiki that, it’ll be interesting to learn the difference between a corpse and a bunkaru puppet). Luckily the world has people to solve these complex problems, but one of the graphs from another video by these researchers can give the real answer… it’s research into haptic communications.

Or maybe it’s to teach people to hug more.

Or kiss better.

Whatever you want to call it… When they finally create this perfect robot that can jump the uncanny valley and perfect haptic communication, millions of lonely men will finally find happiness.

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