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You’ve Got Guitar Mail

Check out this clever little Arduino invention that our friend from Wieden & Kennedy, David Neevel, came up with in his free time. Neevel is one smart dude, and told us he’d been messing around with Arduino on the last job we did with him, so here it is… the guitarboard. A somewhat simple plug-in for your “sweet craigslist flying v guitar” that can translate notes into keystrokes (1but as we understand it, it can work with any guitar… you just need the right gear….but you won’t look as cool). By processing the notes into a midi pedal and sending that to an Arduino which sends information to a set of relays that then spit out to the brains of computer, you’ve got the worlds first shredboard. Simple, right? Well sort of… what isn’t so simple is typing on the fret board, a whiz like Neevel can pick that up pretty quickly, but we’d need some gnarboard lessons. Now the ultimate question… can you shred while coding too?
Oh, and if you missed it… Neevel also built a machine to get rid of the cream in an Oreo cookie for W+K’s Oreo campaign. Pretty great stuff.

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